Shelly Huffman, MA, LCPC

 I’ve always been interested in people’s stories. Mine has been marked by adventures, deep joys, significant losses, and many dark nights of the soul. In all of it, I’m amazed at how the human spirit and the human body can recover time and time again. We are hard-wired to recover. It is my life’s passion to be with others when they’re knocked down and to help facilitate the transformation that can come from it. My counseling style is compassionate and nurturing, while also providing honest, straightforward feedback. I won’t waste your time.

I work with clients ages 12 and up, from diverse backgrounds, with a wide variety of issues. My areas of interest and specialization include relationship counseling and helping individuals and couples with issues of mistrust, betrayal, and sexual intimacy issues. I also work with clients struggling with depression & anxiety, major life transitions, illness, chronic pain, death and other losses, issues of abuse and trauma, including PTSD. My areas of ongoing study are in the neuroscience of psychotherapy: how therapy changes the brain, as related to stress reduction, and improving communication and intimacy in relationships. I have specialized training in various mindfulness therapies. I’m an Advanced Level 1 practitioner of Somatic Experiencing (TM).