One-on-one (Private Yoga Sessions)


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For some who have not ever practiced yoga or who have not practiced in a long time, a studio class can feel somewhat intimidating. With private one-on-one yoga sessons we will be able to work gently at your pace. We will design a yoga class specific to your hopes and needs. Yoga is a practice for anyone who wants to practice yoga. If you have a desire to try out yoga - this will be a safe, private space for you to try it out. Together we create a yoga practice that fits your specific needs. Come and we will see what happens together.

Private Yoga Sessions are held 5520 Asbury Dr., River Oaks, TX 76114

Yoga for Seniors


Hire Lori for Seniors Yoga Classes.

No matter if you are 55 or 95, it is never too late to start taking yoga class. This yoga class is gentle and relaxing using techniques to help release stiffness and tension and ideal for people over the age of 50.

We will bring seniors together for a 45-minute class that incorporates warm-ups, gentle yoga poses, breathing techniques, sequences for flexibility, and balancing poses.

Lori has worked closely with the James L. West Center's innovative Senior Adult Day Program, Lori has pioneered a dementia specific yoga program for the clients.  This is one of the only programs of it's kind in Fort Worth.  

See quote from Cathy Neece Brown Director, James L. West Alzheimer's Center.

“When I reached out to Lori about creating a yoga class for participants in the West Center’s Senior Adult Day Program she was confident and comfortable with the request. What started as a class quickly became a passion for her and a ministry of sorts. Lori sees ability where some see disability and her incredible commitment and support of the dementia specific yoga class has made the experience so very meaningful for the participants and their families.  Lori is incredibly talented and passionate...a blessing to all who are fortunate enough to learn from her.”

-Cathy Neece Brown

For senior yoga classes - I come to your location.

Corporate Yoga

Single 60-minute classes for fewer than 15 participants can be booked at a rate of $120 per class.

1 Class per Week

3 Month
$100 per session
12 sessions total
$400 per month

6 Months
$95 per session
24 sessions total
$380 per month

12 Months
$85 per session
48 sessions total
$340 per month

2 Class per Week

3 Month
$90 per session
24 sessions total
$720 per month

6 Months
$85 per session
48 sessions total
$680 per month

12 Months
$75 per session
96 sessions total
$600 per month

Corporate Yoga Sessions - I come to your location.

Yoga Class Options
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