Lori Dreier has been playing music and performing for many years. Lori’s music has been described as easy, soulful, vocally driven Americana style, with Kansas and Texas roots.

In her performances Lori shares yoga, songs and parts of her story about her growing up in the mid-west on a farm where for more than 100 years her family has farmed wheat and milo as well as dairy, chickens, sheep and hogs.  She also tells of her faith journey of growing up rooted in fundamental Christianity, having a personal relationship with Jesus and finding herself at the crossroads or crisis of beliefs of being attracted to those of her same sex and searching, studying and grappling with homosexuality and Christianity and wondering if those two realities could co-exist.

Lori shares her story with authenticity, humor, hope and honesty.  She has come from self-hatred and despairing to coming to understand herself as a valued and cherished child of God.  For anyone who has struggled with this issue and finds themselves isolated and alone or at the “crossroads” Lori says you are not alone there is hope, healing and a place for you.  

Using her experience of being in same-sex relationships, Dreier explores the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways exclusion takes place in our churches, schools and in society at large to those who may be considered the “other.” She hopes telling her story and song she will invite others to reflect upon their stories and to find the connections, curiosity, grace and a welcoming presence.

Lori offers concerts and an evening of song and story hoping to connect with other people’s stories that may not yet have found a voice.

Dreier says she hopes to invite people to think critically about structures of power and human relationships and how we can underestimate or under-examine the power the collective culture and privilege can have. She also hopes to invite a way out of hiding and loneliness into community and connection for people who may have shared experiences similar to hers.

20% of all ticket, CD and art sales Lori says go to the Embody Love Movement who's mission is: "to empower girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to meaningful change in the world." http://embodylovemovement.org

To book a story and song concert at your church, school, or venue call 817-343-5129