Counseling Fees and Insurance

I make an effort to make counseling accessible to all people, and offer a sliding scale for those who need it.  It is based on your income and will be determined at your first session.  Please note that a sliding scale fee will only be extended to those who maintain a high level of commitment to the counseling process by keeping appointments, arriving and paying for sessions on time.  

Private Pay Rates

  • Individual 50 min session: $120

  • Couples 50 min session: $130

  • Couples 80 min session: $150

  • Family 80 min session: $150

  • Sliding Scale Rate: to be discussed at your first session


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Out-of Network: You may file out-of-network claims for our sessions, and you'll receive some reimbursement. I can help you with this process, and you should also ask your insurance provider about your out-of-network benefits for mental or behavioral health.

Important Notes about Using Insurance for Therapy

You have the right to pay for your sessions privately and not go through your insurance company.  There are potential risks associated with filing mental health insurance claims:

When filing a claim, the therapist must submit a formal diagnosis. This diagnosis then becomes part of your permanent medical record. This often results in the insurance company labeling the consumer with a "pre-existing condition," which can later raise your insurance premiums or make it difficult to obtain health or other types of insurance.  In addition, your carrier may have your case reviewed and make determinations about the number of sessions you're allowed to have and may limit the sessions and/or stop reimbursing you.  

When you pay privately, I will keep a record of our sessions, only in compliance with the licensing body of counselors in the State of Kansas, and for the purposes of continuity of care.